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Airfield lakes is a family run venue headed up by Richard Wilby, a renowned and capable carp angler. Two Lakes make up this carp fishery and both are well stocked with some of the best looking carp in the UK. The current venue record was caught in 2012 by Gary Lewis - the Woodcarving Common at 50lb 4oz.

Airfield Lakes record carp

Airfield Lakes - Spitfire lake - Mustang lake

Situated close to the Waveney Valley in South-Norfolk, this fishery has some stunning carp. This lake is home to the Woodcarving Common at 50lb 4oz. The fishery is located on private, secure farmland opposite an old second world war aerodrome which is now only used once or twice a year for vintage aircraft displays. This fishery is made up of 2 lakes, one being the Spitfire Pool and the other Mustang.

Spitfire lake

Spitfire is the older of the 2 at 50 years old, while Mustang is a fairly new water having only been dug in 2008. Spitfire holds the largest carp at 50lb 4oz. It also has some, so far un-caught fish and this gives the lake that sense of the unknown that we all enjoy. A new common has been caught twice at over 40lb. The carp in Spitfire Pool are old fish that are not particularly hard to catch if you keep rigs strong and simple. Most of the Pool’s margins drop away quickly into 4ft of water and the carp can often be found feeding just a yard from the bank. In sunny conditions the fish like to cruise along the main bar down the center of the pool and you will often see them with their tails out of the water feeding on the snails and other natural food items in the silkweed. The carp in Spitfire lake aren't easy to catch but the rewards are obvious.

Mustang lake

Mustang on the other hand has been stocked with hand picked quality carp. Over 200 carp have been stocked into this lake which has been specifically designed and constructed for the enjoyment of carp anglers. Each angler has their own little piece of water. Mustang lake is a little easier than Spitfire lake due largely to the amount of new carp present and their naivety, this situation will change in the future as the carp "wise up" and become more of a challenge to catch. This is a family run fishery, managed by Richard Wilby. This venue will be hard to beat if your looking for large carp within a friendly and beautiful environment in Norfolk.

Airfield Lakes



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