Fishing Backleads

Standard backleads

This is the most common back lead set-up. The backleads pin the line down on the bottom from just after it leaves the rod tip. The standard backleads are clipped onto the line after you cast out and are then allowed to slide down the line.

Fishing with a standard backlead set-up

Flying backleads

Flying backleads from Solar Tackle are a great invention. Instructions on how to attach them are included in the packaging. These weights are attached to the line above the rig and before casting. They are unique in that they slide back towards the angler after as the cast is made.

Fishing with Flying backleads

Flying backleads and Standard backleads

On occasions when fishing a bait in the near margin and one further out, to avoid spooking fish you can use standard backleads and flying back leads. This set-up though does effect performance while playing a carp.

Flying backleads and Standard backleads

Captive backleads

Captive backleads are a unique and fantastic backlead system. Most backleads reduce the sensitivity while playing fish due to the extra weight on the line. With the Captive system the backlead is attached to a cord, the cord is then attached to a bankstick on the bank. The lead is fitted to the line by a simple gated lever system. When you receive a bite and lift the rod, the captive backlead small movable gate will open allowing the lead to fall off.

Fishing with Captive back leads