The Blowback carp rig

To overcome problems with crafty carp sucking and blowing at a bait without bolting, a rig needed to be developed to overcome this problem or to at least identify that it is happening. This is where the blowback rig comes into its own. On pressured waters where the carp are used to seeing all manner of different rigs they can sometimes be very cautious when feeding over a baited area.

It has been proved that carp will, at times remain stationary once hooked. Instead of bolting away producing a screaming bite alarm, they will violently eject water in an effort to dislodge the hook from their mouth. An angler sitting behind his rods may only receive the odd rod top knock or single bleep. By having the pivot point at the hook eye means that the hook will be driven further in instead of ejected.

Blowback Rig