Camouflaging your fishing rigs

A carp can see in the dark!

There is currently alot of focus by carp anglers on camouflaging their carp rigs,but does this help them to catch more carp? To live in an environment which is constantly changing through the seasons, surely the carp and other fish have abilities we are not aware of. In deep water can the carp see our rigs? If you watch a cat in the evening its eyes will dilate (as do humans) as the light fades, when the pupil dilates (expands) it will adsorb more light, this allows the cat to maximize available light sources which in turn helps it to see in the dark. Could the same be said of carp? If this is the case then just maybe, the carp can see parts of our carp rigs at certain times. A full moon for instance will often be the kiss of death on many lakes. Could the extra light given by a bright, full moon illuminate the metal parts of our rigs? Carp swimming in coloured water lakes may behave slightly differently to those with clear water. In lake water that is heavily coloured, carp will rely on their senses more then there clear water cousins.

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This may mean that camouflaging your carp rig could be a total waste of time and money on coloured waters. On these lakes more attention should be focused on the feel of your rig. Carp will be feeding using their sense of smell and their sensitive mouth parts. Carp have two sets of barbels, one set of 2 above the mouth and one set below. The barbels will play the biggest part in actually feeling around within the baited area. Carp also have 2 nostrils which will help them detect the smell of food. It may be that using a fluoro carbon hook link on lakes where carp are sense feeding is a bad idea, because this kind of hook link is stiff and easier for the carp to feel rather than to see. In this situation a braid hook link may work better.

On clear water lakes where carp are sight feeding a fluoro carbon hook link will work well. Another factor which perhaps plays a larger role than everything else. This is when carp feeding over a baited spot cause alot of disturbance. When carp become excited while feeding they grub around and disturb the lake bed sending sediment and other debris into the water layers. This motion causes visibility in the immediate area to be reduced, so aiding hooking because the carp will not be able to view you carp rig. This is why we nearly always fish with a small particle, small particles make the carp work harder for the bait. Hemp seed and Partiblend(birdmix) are by far the best baits to encourage carp to feed in a frenzied style.

Clear lakes

Carp senses

Are more carp caught at night from clear water lakes? This would make sense as their is more chance that carp can see your rigs easier. More care needs to be taken when carp fishing these types of waters. There is definitely an argument for camouflaging you carp rig on these lakes. Using a fluoro carbon hook link during the day and switching to a braided hook link at night would be a tactic worth adopting.

In conclusion

Creating a feeding area (using small particles) where the carp lose caution and are more likely to except a baited rig is the best solution, whatever clarity the water.

How to camouflage your carp rigs

There are now many carp tackle items available, some are more suited to catching the eye of the customer than catching carp. Here's a list of proven and effective items.

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