Amwell lakes

Amwell Lakes

Lake 1

Within the village of Stansted Abbots and hidden from view by shop fronts, lie 2 fairly small but very pretty carp lakes. These lakes seem slightly out of place nestled behind a busy road and shop fronts. The entrance gate to the Amwell lakes is located at the back of the car park. A large padlock stops non members and undesirables from entering the venue. After closing and locking the gate behind you, you make your way along a grassy pathway which passes between the 2 lakes that make up this complex.

The lake on the left (number 1) is the smaller of the 2 at 3 acres and holds a large stock of both Common Carp and Mirror Carp to over 30lb's. This lake is considered to be the easier of the two.. The weed in this lake is scarce during the summer months. It has a gravelly bottom with silt areas. Locating the gravel spots is the key on both lakes. There are numerous features including gravel humps, lily beds and small gravel bars on both lakes. Over 100 Carp are present in the picturesque number one lake.

Lake 1

On the right hand side is number 2 lake. This lake holds the largest carp out of the two. It's roughly the same stock level as number 1 but the carp are larger. There is Jaffa which has made a weight over 40lb. There are also various other named fish over 30lb. One notable fish is the Silver Common, at a weight nearing 40lb and still growing makes this a carp to watch. The lake is the weedier of the 2 due to its clay bottom but there are plenty of clear spots. One side of the bank is out of bounds and a bait placed close to this bank can produce fish. I have captured fish by fishing the last swim next to the no fishing area and placing a bait in the near margin over a small bed of hemp.

There are gravel bars in both lakes and of course they will also produce. Both of these lakes are extremely well kept and very secure.

Amwell Lakes Stansted Abbotts

Under new ownership, The lakes are now 50 members only the price is now 500.00 per year there is now security fencing with automatic gates and new fish stock. 

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