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Guadiana River

Located in the Extremadura region of Spain, this is Spain's fifth largest river.  The river was dammed in the 1960’s which has created a myriad of lakes and river sections. The Orellana La Vieja lake is the largest and most famous of these.  Orellana La Vieja is set as it is in an outstanding natural environment. Catch Carp Spain has spent the last 2 years researching this unbelievable body of water to find the best fishing locations.

The lake record carp stands at over 79lb. The carp are true wild fish which live on a rich diet of large crayfish and mollusc. Carp of 40lb+ are regularly caught to a variety of baits. Most of these carp have never seen a hook before and fight incredibly hard all the way to the net. Thanks to the climate it is possible to fish all year round and Catch Carp Spain has also managed to secure the use of some private areas on the Orellana La Vieja lake for the use of clients.  So come and see what all the talk is about with Catch Carp Spain.

Sierra Brava

Catch Carp Spain

This is one of Spain's newer carp waters located in the Extremadura region of Spain, created in 1996 by the damming of the River Pizaroso. Sierra Brava is one of Spain's’ few stocked day ticket waters.  The lake is approximately 15km long.  The is a dam end and a much snaggier bottom end. When this lake was originally stocked in 1996, approximately 15,000 common and mirror carp at an average weight of around 2lbs. were introduced into the lake.   These fish are already reaching over 70lbs.  The lake has since been stocked again and these fish too are putting weight on at an incredible rate. Sierra Brave is now gaining a reputation and many believe the lake will produce a new world record carp one day.


Accommodation is in a traditional Spanish town house which is situated 100 yard's from the banks of the Orellana lake on the Guadiana. Situated only five minutes walk from Orellana La Vieja town centre which has numerous bars, restaurants, shops and cafés.  This is the ideal location from which to base your carp fishing holiday in Spain to get the most from your time. Catch Carp Spain provide meals freshly prepared using local ingredients from the plentiful selection in the area.  Extremadura is primarily an agricultural region so there is no shortage of wonderful produce to choose from. Most meals are taken outdoors to take advantage of the great weather and our lovely garden full of Orange, Lemon and Olive trees. There is also use of the internet available to clients.

Getting to Orellana la Vieja is possible through 4 major international airports – Seville approx. 2.5hrs by car, Madrid approx. 3 hours by car, Malaga and Jerez approx. 3.5 hrs by car.  Car hire is an economical option and the route to Orellana is straightforward.  Secure parking is provided at no extra cost whilst in Orellana.   Contact Catch Carp Spain for advice on the best possible car hire rates.  If hiring a car is not an option please contact Catch Carp Spain for alternative airport transfer costs.  If you wish to use public transport buses are available to nearby destinations please contact Catch Carp Spain for details.

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