Carp and Catfishing holidays in Spain

Caspe Spain is situated only 50 meters from the famous River Ebro which is, perhaps, the most famous catfish river in the world. Catfish Caspe is a new holiday company providing carp and catfishing on the Rio Ebro. The Rio Ebro is famous for its vast stock of huge Catfish, Carp, Zander, Bass and Roach. Being a new aspiring company led by the charismatic and dedicated Steven Donegan you will be assured of his full and devoted attention.



Within a luxury villa, two comfortable en suite studios are available with modern bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens,TV, Wifi, and a barbecue area. Taking one of the luxury studios does not mean you have to self cater as the resident professional chef, Magdalena will cater for your culinary needs. There is also a terraced seating area with barbecue. Common carp make up the majority of carp in the River Ebro, it does however hold numbers of quality Mirror and Fully Scaled carp. The common carp are largely long, lean and muscular uncaught fish which can regularly be seen topping during the day. Expect multiple catches during a session with many carp now in excess of 40lbs, 30lb+ fish are a daily occurrence and 50lb+ carp not uncommon. Location is the key to catching River Ebro Carp. For the first time angler taking a fishing holiday on the Ebro, taking a guided trip is a very good idea. Guides will have intimate knowledge of particular stretches of the river. They will know the best spots depending on the time of year.  For the more experienced Ebro visitor you may already know your favourite spots and a guide may not be necessary.

Ebro carp rigs

As far as the carp rigs go, simplicity is the key. Ebro carp are not at all riggy, heavy baiting and placing your rig in the right spot is far more important than the rig dynamics. Use a simple bottom bait rig. 15-20lb mono hooklinks or 25lb coated braid is fine for the Ebro. Size Four hooks and a reliable 15-20lb mono mainline is adequate. Make sure you take a range of leads from 2 ounces to six ounces to cover all eventualities river conditions etc....





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