Chod Rig

The chod rig is a popular presentation amongst some of the best carp anglers in the UK, but why? Well, it’s practically tangle free, lays perfectly over any type of lake bed and carp find it very hard to eject the hook due to the ultra-short hook length. The chod or choddy rig as it is sometimes known is extremely effective for silt feeding carp. The reason for this is that as you cast the chod rig out the hooklink will slide up the line instead of being pulled into the silt by the lead. When the lead hits the silt the lead will sink to a certain depth but the hooklink which should slide up the tubing or lead core will remain above the silt layer, you will need to adjust the silicon stop depending on silt depth.

The silicon stop acts as a buffer and stop for the hooklink. Using dissolving rig foam nuggets (pva) when the bottom is a little choddy will aid your presentation. PVA is buoyant and when used in nugget form will hold the rig up in the water for a minute or so (depending on water temperature) before slowly dissolving allowing the chod rig to settle neatly to rest on the silt. Without the foam your rig could become buried in the slit. Attach the foam by pinching it between your thumb and forefinger then pass the hook point through. The chod rig can also be used over gravel and any other type of bottom although its most effective over silt. Its important to understand why silt is important in terms of carp fishing. Silt holds a lot of food for a browsing carp. Bloodworm in particular is a carp’s favourite. Bloodworm is part of the staple diet of all course fish not just carp.

Chod Rig


Chironomus midge

Bloodworm are the larva of a non-biting midge Chironomidae. Many anglers mistake the Chironomus midge (which is non-biting for a mosquito. They are similar in appearance but the Chironomusis is totally harmless. Recognisable by their fluffy antenna that protrude from their head these fishermen's friends are the staple diet of all freshwater fish. Silt can hold huge numbers of bloodworm and carp can become totally preoccupied on them. I have witnessed this pre-occupation myself and it can be frustrating to watch as the carp ignore you bait totally. I have caught silt feeding carp before using small bloodworm dumbells and of course the Chod Rig. When using leadcore the hooklink must be able pass over knots in the event of a cut off/ break off etc.. Leadcore is almost unbreakable and a fish is towing it can easy become tethered.

How to find the depth of silt?

To find silt depth which is important when using the Chod Rig because you will need to adjust the hooklink stop to ensure the bait isn't pulled into silt.