Fishing for Chub

Chub are a favourite target fish for many fishermen. Charismatic, bold and charming, the chub is often the only fish to feed on the coldest days.

Chub are thriving on many UK rivers with huge specimens being caught. The use of high protein boiled baits have had an impact where they have been introduced in large numbers. There is little doubt that the invasive American Signal Crayfish (which is now common in many British waters) has also contributed to the explosion in chub weights. When adult crayfish shed their outer skin revealing their soft inner texture chub take advantage by attacking and eating this high protein food source.

Chub Baits

Chub have a ravenous appetite, often feeding in the very worst conditions. They will often feed on small fish and can be caught on small lures.

Tactics for Chub


Float rig for chub

While many anglers like to use swim feeder tactics or ledgering to catch chub, others prefer to float fish. On moderate flowing and fast flowing rivers trotting a float through the centre line or along the far bank is a great tactic. It is important to constantly keep the free bait going in. Although the amount of freebies is small it must be regular to keep the chub feeding and competitive. Perhaps the best bait to use in this instance is maggot or caster. Lure fishing with small plugs or lures will also take chub. They have a strong predatory instinct and will often feed on small fish especially during the spawning season (springtime). Free lining where possible is another good chub tactic. Dropping a free-lined slug into a small deep river margin spot can often bring instant results.

UK Record Chub - 9lb 5oz

New Chub record weighing 9lb 5oz has been caught from river Lea(Fishers Green stretch). Landed by Neill Stephen from the river Lea in Essex, the specimen chub matches the current British best – a stillwater fish caught by Andy Maker in 2007. The fish fell for freelineed cheese paste presented using a size 5 Drennan barbel hook and 10kg PowerPro braid mainline straight through.

Record Chub 9.15oz

Record Chub from the River Lea