How to Clip Up

Getting it tight will often catch you more fish

Its surprising how many anglers don't use this tactic. Maybe its just that some don't like to ask. Well here is a guide to help you to learn one of the best fishing tips out there.

You arrive at a lake and you have decided that the tree line on the far margin looks like a good place to place a bait. Carp love to patrol margins, they find food there and the water is often warmer, especially in the summer. On many lakes the carp move so tight to the bank that unless a bait is within a few feet the carp wont touch it. Placing a bait under tree branches, close to a shag or some other feature is often the key to catching, sure you may get a lucky cast but how do you hit the spot consistently time after time?


There are a couple of ways to achieve this but this is my preferred method. Some anglers prefer to use electrical tape to mark the line, I like to use power gum in a bright colour. I have found that with tape the line catches the rod eye's as it passes through. This isnt a problem with power gum. We also make use of the line clip which most modern reels are supplied with. The clip is on the outside of the reel spool.

Most reel spools will have a line clip
  1. * Attempt a cast to your far spot
  2. * Don't cast to far as there is plenty of time
  3. * If your lead falls maybe 10 feet short, then peel off 8 foot of line from the spool, then tuck your mainline into the line clip on the spool
  4. * Cast again and this time your almost there just another 2 feet, so peel off 2 foot of line and try again
  5. * Keep the rod at the same angle each cast for accuracy
  6. * This time its bang on, once again place the line in the clip
  7. * Using a length of power gum tie a stop knot just above the spool
  8. * You now have a marker which will guide you on to the spot each time
  9. * When you need to hit the spot again, cast out in another direction then peel of line until you reach the stop knot
  10. * Place the stop knot in the clip, reel in, your all good to go
The author with a nice mirror taken using the line clip method


Before you re- cast, make sure that you place the stop knot at the base of the spool so that as the line peels off on the cast it doesn't catch on the tags ends of the stop knot. There you have it, if you take the time to practice this technique the rewards over your future fishing years will be great and it will provide you with the confidence when trying to reach those little, out of the way secret spots which can be so productive.