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Dream lake one is in the shape of a square horseshoe and accommodates 15 anglers maximum, this means each angler has approximately an acre of water each. All the swims are big enough for the largest bivvy and very well presented. On a good wind the fish can become concentrated down one of the arms so keep an eye on the weather forecast. 12 swims are suitable for disabled anglers. Depths vary with the deeper areas being 6 to 8 feet deep. Best swims are considered to be the Snags, Ladies, lair, 3 steps and cherries. There are hundreds of carp in Dreamlake one with both Common carp and Mirror carp going over 60lb in weight, Catfish go to over

Dream lake 2 received a large stocking in 2005 and over 200 fish where added winter 2007. It used to be considered an easy lake but in more recent times as the fish have wised up, it should no longer be considered easy. Because this lake is rectangular shaped with no holding areas you will nearly always have fish in your swim. The lake is 18 acres with a generally flat gravel/very light silt bottom. Once again there are hundreds of carp in Dreamlike Two with both Common and Mirror carp to over 60lb, Catfish over 100lb and Grass carp to near 50lb.


Dreamlakes common

Dream Lake 3 is a mature tree lined 8 acre lake, it has 16 log fronted swims and 8 anglers max. Access to the swims is extremely good. The depth of this lake ranges from 6 to 9 feet and has gravel bars and weed beds. This lake actually has its own on site shop, shower and toilet facilities conveniently located a short distance away. With Common carp to over 80lb, Mirrors over 50, Catfish near 100lb and Grass carp over 60lb Dream lake 3 is a true specimen hunters lake. New dream lake 3 record - The Big Girl at 81lb 9oz!

Dream Lake 4 is a 4 acre, mature, tree-lined lake. It has 8 swims providing ample room for the maximum 4 anglers accommodated each week (or up to 6 if a group). The depth of Dream Lake 4 varies between 7-8ft with many features including gravel bars and weed beds. The lakeside facilities include a shop serving drinks, bait and tackle items in addition to the existing shower and toilets. Meals are served in the air-conditioned Lodge at Dream Lake 2. For your convenience, and to save the short walk, daily transport is provided at meal times. Dream lake 4 has both Common and Mirror carp near 60lb, Catfish to over 120lb and 50lb+ Grass carp

Dream Lake 5 is the newest lake and has carp up to 50 pounds and catfish up to 120 pounds. The lake is 5 acres, lined with trees with depths to 9 feet deep. There are 8 swims with 5 anglers. Dream lake 5 has Common carp over 50lb, Mirror carp 50lb and Catfish to over 130lb.

There is a small shop with tackle hire. You can hire rods, reels, bed chairs, mats, buzzers nets before you leave for the trip. The tackle shop also supplies bait, leads. marker floats, braids, hooklinks and a wide variety of other tackle items, confectionery, beers, wine, phone cards, aspirin, Coleman fuel/gas, film, batteries and other sundry items.

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