Gigantica carp lake

Gigantica carp Lakes

Giganticca's Cluster

The carp numbers in Gigantica are a little uncertain at the moment. It is estimated by Danny Fairbrass (the owner) that the current stock includes: two 80lb + specimens, six 70lb plus fish, 11 fish between 60-70lb, and 24 fish that weigh between 50lb and 60lb.  On top of this, there are the uncaught fish.

Take the monster known as Rapunsel for example, it was last landed in May 2011, its first ever time on the bank, at 53lbs! And this year a mid 50 nicknamed 'Fista' was seen during spawning, its got one massive scale on one side and has never been caught!” A former gravel pit known as the Domaine Saint Christopher which opened as a commercial fishery in 2002. Was then bought by Danny Fairbrass, the head of KORDA in September 2008 and was renamed Lake gigantica in tribute to the huge carp that live within its depths. Gigantica then reopened in April 2009.Gigantica is 35 acres in size.


The water is cobalt blue because of the heavily alkaline gravel it has been dug from. Depths range between 18 and 25 feet. The bottom is fairly flat with very few lumps and bumps. Gigantica is a serious carp water for the dedicated carp angler wishing to fish a ‘proper’ carp lake with plenty of room. Swims have been dropped from 26 to only 12! This means the carp are not under the pressure they once where. Baiting up fro a boat is still allowed, but dropping rigs is not. Since these measure have been introduced the carp now frequent area's of the lake they never have. The carp are now behaving in a more natural way.


Giganticca Common

The facilities at Gigantica have been improved since Danny Fairbrass bought the venue a few years ago. There is now a shower/wet room and toilet block. All new swims have been built with the anglers comfort in mind. There is a strict barbless hook rule at Gigantica. This makes good sense, a carp which is towing a rig+ line can become tethered to trees or other snags and it is possible that the fish can die.

With barbless hooks the rig will usually drop out after a very short period. Many believe that using barbless hooks is worse for the carp than barbed, they believe that as the hook can fall out easier it will cause damage to the fishes mouth by catching again and tearing. If anglers are educated to not bully fish for fear that the hook will drop out and to play the carp consistently, applying steady moderate pressure, then the hook will not fall out and then the barbless rule is the right one. Food: Two meals a day - By Car: Located in Saint Christophe Dodinicourt, 245 miles from Calais, 3 ½ hours.

Gigantica Road lake

Giganticca Lake

The Road lake is a new venue, this is a runs venue currently with carp to mid-thirties. There are 18 swims round the lake with a maximum of 12 anglers on there. The food package is compulsory on this lake and is the same as Gigantica 140 Euros per person. There is a small selection of tackle items to purchase. Soft drinks, milk, beer and ice-cream's are available on-site.




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