Hemp Rig

This rig makes use of the Enterprise Tackle artificial hemp. Their products are sold in most good tackle shops. The rig foam is also widely available. The small piece of foam counters the weight of the hook and so aids delicate presentation. Trim the foam with braid blades until the rig just sinks. Braided supple hooklinks work best with this carp rig together with a small size 6 + hook. Just a small handful of hemp as loose feed is sufficient in most situations. Try pre-soaking the foam and plastic hemp in a sweetener for added attraction. I have tubs of plastic baits which are permanently sitting in my favourite attractor. The longer you leave them in the fluid the more they will take on the smells. I have tubs of plastic corn which have been in soak for over 2 years and now they smell lovely and retain the smell permanently.


Balanced Hemp Rig