Which lead size?

Lead shapes

Distance casting

Distance lead

The weight of the lead dictates (along with other factors, rod test curve, line diameter etc.) the distance you can cast. A one ounce lead for example is not heavy enough to cast 100 yards but fished in the margins it may be ideal. 3 or 3.5 ounce leads will cover almost all angling situations and will help you to cast your carp rig anything up to 100 yards. There are occasions when anglers need to reach features at great ranges than this, in these situations a 4 - 5 ounce lead may be required. The fox exocet in 5 ounce is perhaps the best long range lead on the market.

Fox Elevators

Fox Elevators are a unique shape. The distinctive flattened three sided shape is engineered to aqua-plane up through the water when retrieved. This reduces the chance of the rig coming into contact with underwater features and proves invaluable when casting past snaggy or very weedy lake beds. The exceptionally low profile also makes the Elevator perfect for river fishing in strong currents and for keeping the rig firmly in position on sharply sloping features such as the sides of bars and island margins. The Elevator is aerodynamic enough to be cast long distances if required and is ideal for boating and continental style angling. Finished in a matt, non-reflective ‘clay brown’ with gravel speckles ensuring it will blend in discreetly with just about bottom.

In the margins

Inline flat lead

I nearly always fish the near margins, for this reason I will opt for a smaller pear or flat lead of around 1.5 ounces. I do not need to cast far, just a short under-arm flick, or even better just lowering my rig onto the spot. For this type of fishing this weight of lead is ideal. There are some occasions when I will step up the lead weight. I will use a heavier lead in the margins when I think, or even better see, the carp sucking the bait in and then ejecting without getting hooked. If I know the carp are "getting away with it" then I will shorten the hooklink and increase the weight of the lead, to 3 or 4 ounces. Never use shiny or glossy leads, these are meant to catch the eye of anglers, they do the same with carp. The Fox leads feature a new camouflaged durable, non-reflective matt finish, designed to be hidden on the lake’s bed. Always be mindful of how the lead blends in with the lake bed. They have a nice finish and just scream quality. The 1.5 ounce pear leads are perfect for the kind of margin fishing I do. I know it sounds like I am plugging the Fox leads, well I am not receiving any bribes to do so, I just love the leads and I'm sure you will too.

Carpio silkweed leads

The Carpio silkweed leads are one of the better imitation weed leads available. They have a unique camouflage look, identical to a piece of weed on the lake bed. Both the black and the brown are suitable for fishing over or in silt. The green version looks great in both clear and weedy waters. All these leads are fitted with quality stainless loops and size 2 black crane swivels making them ideal for free running or for use on lead clips allowing them to sit straight which helps to avoid tangles. On clear water lakes where a lead can sometimes look un-natural, anything you can do to camouflage your terminal tackle will help. You can add to the attraction in the baited area by dipping the leads in your chosen flavour/dip. The fibers will retain the smell for a long time, the longer you leave them soaking the longer they will hold the scent.