Linear Fisheries Oxford

Linear Fisheries Oxford

Linear Fisheries consists of 8 day ticket waters and 3 syndicate waters and one other lake (Elstow Pit 2 Near Bedford) with carp well into the 40's bracket. Linear fisheries in Oxford has been established for over 20 years and in this time has gained a reputation as being one of the premier UK carp fishing venues. Although mainly known for its carp the lakes also hold some specimens of other species.

Brasenose One


Linear Fisheries Carp

Brasenose One is currently the second largest of Linear’s carp lakes. At approximately 32 acres this long, open, reed fringed water. Stock is around 30 different mirrors in excess of thirty pounds. The biggest of these has been caught at 37.05 and this is now the lake record. With 20 different mirrors in excess of thirty pounds up to 37.05.

With at least 45 percent of the estimated 1,900 stock believed to now weigh in excess of twenty pounds and a majority of the remainder now being upper doubles Brasenose One has the potential for a fantastic days fishing! A restocking policy is in place for Brasenose one through 2014 to 2015 to add even more carp to what is already a prolific carp lake. Access is easy with carp parks scattered around the lake. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 37lb 12oz, Common Carp - 24lb 12oz, Ghost Carp - 29lb 4oz, Pike - 22lb 12oz, Bream - 12lb 0oz, Tench - 8lb 8oz, Roach - 3lb 7oz, Perch - 2lb 2oz,

Brasenose Two

Brasenose Two is the second lake on this site. At 34 acres it is the biggest. It is long, open and reed lined. Stock is estimated at over 1,800fish. A high percentage of the fish stocked into Brasenose Two have been commons, fully scaled and linear’s all of which are maturing rapidly and already Brasenose Two is starting to rival its sister lake Brasenose One as a runs-water. In recent years many more anglers have enjoyed remarkable catches with a high percentage being 20 pounders and over. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 37lb 12oz, Common Carp - 23lb 3oz, Ghost Carp - 24lb 4oz, Pike - 24lb 0oz, Tench - 7lb 9oz, Rudd - 2lb 4oz, Perch - 2lb 2oz, Eel - 3lb 8oz

Hardwick Lake and Smiths Pool

These two lakes are joined together by a narrow channel. They are renowned for their pretty carp. The stock level is between 700 and 750 fish carp, with many twenties. There are at least 25 over thirty pounds. The lake record common carp 39.14,mirror 43.10. As well as the carp Hardwick/Smiths also holds other specimens: pike to over 31lb, bream to over 15lb, tench to 11lb plus, Chub - 6lb 1oz and roach to 3lb 15oz.

Hunts Corner Lake

Hunts Corner is just over nine acres is situated just a few minutes drive away from the main complex. A long rectangular shaped gravel pit with just ten swims. 400 carp are present in Hunts Corner and it is estimated that 40% of these are in excess of twenty pounds in weight with a number of these exceeding 30lbs. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 43lb 5oz, Common Carp - 32lb 8oz, Ghost Carp - 22lb 0oz, Bream - 16lb 4oz, Tench - 12lb 11oz, Chub - 7lb 14oz, Perch - 4lb 9oz. Another water suitable for specimen hunters.

Hunts Corner Pond

A nice Linear Fisheries Carp

This water adjacent to Hunts Corner Lake. Hunts Pond is a single rod water with 15 well spaced swims which makes it an ideal venue for the beginner. Stocked with small carp, tench and a few silver fish. Carp averaged between 1½ - 2lb. The pond is heavily stocked with roach, rudd and perch along with healthy population of tench and a few bonus carp. At the time of stocking the carp averaged between 1½ - 2lb with the majority of the tench between 1-2lb but there are some bigger surprises in the water. The silver fish and perch tend to be small but provide great sport on the float and maggot and are getting bigger each year.

Manor Farm Lake

Manor has over 700 carp with at least forty different thirties. This includes a staggering figure of nine different fish that have been recorded at weighing over 39 pounds and seven of these broke the forty pound barrier. With eight different fish that have been recorded at weighing over 39 pounds and seven of these broke the forty pound barrier Manor Farms is one of the best big fish waters in the UK. The lake record stands at 48.04 for a mirror (caught in 2013) and 32.06 for a common. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 48lb 4oz, Common Carp - 32lb 6oz, Ghost Carp - 27lb 0oz, Pike - 27lb 12oz, Bream - 14lb 2oz, Tench - 12lb 4oz.

Oxlease Lake

Oxlease Lake is 26 acres. Linear believes that with the 2011 stocking of 267 fish the water now holds nearly 1,800 carp. Thirty different 30 pound fish with a healthy number of twenties and doubles. The lake record for a mirror carp is 39.08 and a new lake record common of 41.08 was caught in 2011. at least forty different 30 pound fish present along with a healthy number of twenties and doubles. The new lake record for a mirror carp is 40.02 and for a common it is 46.12, both caught in 2013. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 40lb 8oz, Common Carp - 48lb 0oz, Ghost Carp - 12lb 4oz, Pike - 22lb 10oz, Tench - 11lb 10oz, Roach - 1lb 2oz, Rudd - 2lb 1oz, Chub - 7lb 2oz, Perch - 4lb 8oz.

St Johns Lake

Linear Lakes

Another water which has gained a great reputation amongst the carp fishing fraternity. St Johns Lake is 18 acres. Estimated carp stock is 800 to 900 with at least 40 weighing in excess of 30lbs. Many of these bigger fish have been caught at over 36lb and at the right time of the year at least six of them have been recorded in excess of 40 pounds. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 47lb 0oz, Common Carp - 46lb 2oz, Ghost Carp - 36lb 0oz, Catfish - 81lb 0oz, Pike - 28lb 2oz, Bream - 15lb 0oz, Tench - 12lb 8oz, Roach - 2lb 9oz

Gaunts Lake [Part of Guy Lakes Carp Syndicate] includes 3 lakes..

Gaunts Lake is approximately twenty acres. With estimated carp stock over 470. 15 different 30's. The records for this water are mirror carp 43lb, common carp 42.05. The Guy Lakes consists of three lakes - Gaunts, Unity and Yeomans, all of which can be fished on a single syndicate permit. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 47lb 0oz, Common Carp - 42lb 5oz, Ghost Carp - 29lb 0oz, Pike - 27lb 8oz, Tench - 9lb 15oz, Grass Carp - 24lb 7oz.

Unity Lake

Unity Lake is approximately 25 acres is the biggest of the three lakes. Unity does not contain any islands but there are plenty of features on this water which include reeds and a tree fringed which attracts the carp. Unity Lake contains approximately 460 carp including some ghost carp. The biggest ghost carp to date was caught in 2013 and weighed 40.04; the biggest mirror has been caught at 45lb. There is a big common which has been caught at over 44lb. A high percentage of the carp now weigh in excess of twenty pounds with at least twenty over thirty, three of which, at the right time of year, have been caught at over 37 pounds and two over 40 pounds. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 45lb 0oz, Common Carp - 45lb 13oz, Ghost Carp - 42lb 8oz, Pike - 20lb 4oz, Tench - 12lb 3oz, Rudd - 2lb 10oz, Grass Carp - 34lb 10oz

Yeomans Lake

Yeomans Lake is fifteen acres. It is estimated that there are approximately over 410 carp in the water with at least sixteen of these topping 30lbs. Lake records: Mirror Carp - 38lb 2oz, Common Carp - 38lb 8oz, Pike - 27lb 12oz, Bream - 12lb 8oz, Tench - 9lb 2oz.


Linear has a shower and toilet block between St Johns and Manor Farm Lakes. There are also two parking areas between these waters. The shower and toilet block will be open between the hours of 9am and 5pm. A drinking water tap is located just outside the shower block.

Len Gurd - Fishery Manager - Tel: 01908 588043 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm only)












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