Maggot carp rig

This rig gets its name from the visual aspect which looks similar to the hair of the mythical Medusa. Medusa's hair was made up of snakes however and not maggots! This rig once assembled looks the business and it is immediately obvious why it is so effective. This is basically just a pop up rig with the bait being maggots. A cork ball is threaded on to the hair to which you affix as many maggots as you can.


Using superglue to fix the maggots to the cork ball will insure that they stay alive for the longest possible period. Be careful not to overdo it with the glue because covering the maggots in glue will kill them quickly, maggots breath through their skin. Using this method of applying the maggots is preferable to the commercially available maggot clips which can make the whole job very messy. It’s also worth experimenting by adding a few casters, casters do have a habit of producing the bigger fish. You could fish this rig over a bed of dead maggots, them scald in boiling water to kill them instantly. You may attract the attentions of smaller fish which will suck the juices from the maggots. That’s why its best to use a couple of plastic maggots together with the real thing, they are also buoyant which will help to take away the weight of the hook.

Maggot carp Rig

Casters, the chrysalis stage of maggots

Chrysalis a selective fishing bait

Casters are a superb bait which have a habit of producing the bigger fish. Casters are the maggots at the chrysalis stage. After a certain period (which will depend on temperature) the maggots outer shell will become hard, this is the stage before the fly emerges. As a bait for fishing the caster is very good. Many fish love casters, especially: Roach, Carp, Rudd and Bream. You can buy casters from fishing tackle shops but they are expensive due to the preparation time required. I prefer to make my own. I buy a gallon every other week over the summer to turn to casters. You need your own fridge just for this purpose or the wife wont be happy!

Never leave casters in water because that will kill them which in turn makes them unattractive to fish. Using a couple of imitation casters on your Medusa rig is a good idea.