Fishing for Perch


Perch are a noble fish. Characterised by broad dark stripes running down the length of their flanks. Tactics to catch perch inclue, float fishing and ledgering.

Perch baits include:

Perch are carnivorous and will regularly prey on small fish. Minnows in particular make a very effective perch bait. The best way of using minnows is to float fish them while thay are still alive. Worms are a very good perch bait, ledgered or float fished it doesnt really matter.

Traditional perch bob float rig


Perch float rig

Still favored by some traditionalist anglers, the perch bob float rig is one of the best ways to fish live minnows. The float is buoyant enough to hold the weight of the minnow and has great visibility giving clear indication of a take. Vary the depth according to the area being fished, about mid water is often the best. The minnow is lipped hooked to a size 10 or 12 super sharp hook. The same set-up can be used to fish other baits, maggots, worms etc. When using other baits such as Lobworms a size 12 or 14 hook is good. Bites with live minnows will be very positive as the float just glides away beneath the surface a firm but gentle strike should be made.

Spinning for Perch

Another popular tactic for catching perch is spinning. Using a spinner to imitate a small bait fish has always been a very exciting way to catch perch. While spinning for pike requires that you use a wire trace to alleviate the risk of "cut offs" due to the pike's sharp teeth, perch don't have sharp teeth in their mouths so a trace isn't required. Technique is important when lure/spinner fishing. Varying the speed of retrieve, allowing the lure to lift and fall in the water layers will enhance attraction and "tap in" to the perch's predatory instinct.

UK Perch Record

Neill Stephen is joint holder of the perch record along with Ken Brown.

Perch record