How to prepare particles for fishing



The tigernut in its raw state is far too hard to use as fishing bait and so must be prepared properly so that no harm comes to any fish which may eat them. Tiger nuts have excellent nutritional qualities with a fat composition similar to olives and a rich mineral content, especially phosphorus and potassium. They need to be prepared properly when used as carp bait. If the nuts are not cooked and soaked in water they may swell up in a carp stomach causing possible death. Tigernuts if prepared properly are a super effective bait.

How to prepare tigernuts for Carp Fishing


Once the nuts have been soaked you will notice that there is a sticky sugar filled slime covering the nuts, this adds to their attraction. Use tigernuts sparingly, its more quality not quantity.



Just like Tigernuts, Peanuts should also be used sparingly. Always use human grade peanuts. There has been some controversy in past years regarding carp deaths from excessive use of Peanuts. As with Tigernuts it has been proven that using large amounts of Peanuts can harm carp. Used in moderation, just a dozen or so nuts over a bed of hemp is fine, this is the best way to fish them anyway so don't risk the death of a carp! I have only used them a couple of times using just this combination, I caught on both occasions. Peanuts are not actually a nut at all but a bean which grows underground throughout America!

How to prepare Peanuts for Carp Fishing


Sweetcorn is one of my favourite baits. I have had great success in the winter on a variety of lakes by introducing sweetcorn in the edge and fishing small (10mm) boilies over the top. I do prefer the Jolly Green Giant sweetcorn. I think because the grains are packaged in a sweet liquid this adds to their attraction. You can purchase cheaper bags from supermarkets which come frozen and those can be effective. The visibility of sweetcorn will often stop patrolling fish and prompt a feeding reaction.


The small size of the seed means that the carp have to work hard for their dinner, as they browse and feed thay will become more and more excited. This feeding behaviour often creats a feeding frenzy as more fish will be attracted. Ultimately, this is the feeding situation that we should all strive to achieve because a pre-occupied carp is far easier to catch than a carp which is feeding cautiously. Years ago the seed was only ever used as an attractor over which you fished. These days however, we now have more options available to us with the introduction of plastic baits including fake hemp. The fake plastic hemp can be threaded onto a hair and fished this way as part of your carp rig.

How to cook and prepare Hemp and Partiblend


Unlike tiger nuts, peanuts and other nut varieties, hempseed, partiblend and most seed baits do not need the soaking period but soaking does add to their attraction. This is my method which is, in my opinion the best way to prepare hemp.

During the soaking period keep topping up the water to insure all the hemp and other seeds stay covered. The key stage is when the inner white shoots break out of the dark husk. Ideally, you are looking to achieve a 100 percent split rate. When you see this happen remove from the heat and allow to cool. Place the hemp and water into a bucket and fit the lid. I make a few tiny holes in the lid to allow pressure to escape. With partiblend which has been pre-soaked just like the hemp, boiling time can also be reduced to as little as 30 minutes or less. Check the seeds are soft and your done. Now you can either use straight away or up to 5 days later. You can even freeze seed particle for later use. A little tactic I often use is to make balls from the hemp using cling film. Freeze the balls then when you ready you can chuck them a fair way to the fishing spot, this is an extremely accurate method of bait placement and creats a concentrated feeding area.

Particles, once cooked and allowed to cool can be frozen for long periods. Many believe that freezing reduces the attraction, I do not having noticed no difference in catch rates when compared to using unfrozen baits.

How to cook maize for carp fishing

To prepare maize for fishing, the best way is to soak it for 24-48 hours, this will help to reduce the boiling time. After soaking place in a saucepan or boiler and boil till the grains become soft. This may only take 20+ minutes. Maize soaks up allot of water as it cooks and after so make sure to keep it topped up with water. Maize is cheap and available from farm shops etc... Maize is particularly useful when fishing abroad, it is both cheap, effective.

Sweet Lupins

Sweet Lupins

Sweet Lupins used to be sold by Frenzied Baits, for some reason they stopped selling them. This was a great disappointment to me. I used them to great effect through the late 80's. Maybe its because of the preparation required to make Lupins safe.

How to prepare Lupins for fishing


Other particle baits preperation...