UK and World record Carp

World and UK Carp Record

UK record carp

Two Tone

The biggest carp captured in the UK is a fish called Two Tone (named two tone because of its distinct coloration) Two Tone lived in the ultra hard Conningbrook lake. The last captor was Oz Holness before the fish died. He still holds the record, for how long it will stand is anyone's guess. The massive mirror held on to the British carp record throughout the Nineties and will be sadly missed, with eight captors claiming official records. Two Tone still holds the UK records at 67 lb 8 oz. RIP

The Conningbrook Mirror record capture list:

UK Carp record history:

Current world record carp


Euro Aqua produces a new world record carp again

A magnificent mirror has set the carp angling world buzzing. At 105lb (48kg) and 125cm long it is thought to be the same fish which set the previous record. Czech angler Thomas Krist caught the great mirror at 11:30 am on 18th May.

Euro Aqua new world record carp 105lb

Although some had predicted that Hungary could well see a fish break the current world carp record, the move away from a French fish at the top of the big fish tree has come as a shock to many. Hungary will no doubt see more and more big carp hunters from the UK in the years to come. Euro Aqua is located in central Hungary around 40 miles southwest of Budapest and just outside the City of Szekesfehervar. The lake is situated in the Fejércounty. The lake has an area of 26 km, one third of which is covered by the common reeds. Because of the sunny climate of the area and the shallowness of the lake (max 5.5 feet), Lake Euro Aqua is one of the warmest lakes in Europe, the temperature in the summer will regularly reach 26 to 28°C.

New world record common carp

A 100lb 8oz Common Carp has been landed by Colin Smith from the Etang La Saussaie fishery in France. Carpe France who promote the fishery posted on their facebook page that the fish was caught at 6.45pm and fell to a Premier Bait Boilie. 2 years before Damian Clarke landed the same fish at 88lb. Etang La Saussaie only contains 14 swims and is set in the champagne region of  France. Saussaie's most recent captures include; the sister common at over 60lb.

Abbey Lakes

French carp venue Abbey Lakes produced this huge 95lb 8oz mirror for Drew Fuller. The mirror carp sets a new lake record. It’s easily the biggest carp caught anywhere in the world this year. The fish, known as Shoulders, lives in the 35 acre Heron Lake at the popular holiday destination. The giant also held the previous complex record at 94lb 4oz. Amazingly it was the first time that the 37-year-old floor layer, from Rainham, Essex, had even seen the venue, and the big fish came during a 72-hour weekend session.

Huge carp

Abbey Lakes - Heron Lake

125-150 different 40's. Around 80 50lb+ carp! In amongst these are 10-12 different 60lb+ fish, the most famous of which are, the mighty Bruno, White tips, The Grey Lady, Single Scale, the Unknown Mirror, Woodys, Cluster, the Half Lin and of course, Shoulders.

UK Course Fish Record Weights

Other UK records

UK Perch Record

Neill Stephen is the joint holder of the perch record along with Ken Brown.

UK record perch

UK Record Chub

The River Lea has a resident stock of huge chub and continues to nudge the Chub Record. Neill Stephen’s record equalling 9lb 5oz chub from Kings Weir on the River Lea.

Record Chub

UK Record Tench

Record Tench

In June 2001, a 15lb 3oz 6drm Tench was caught by Darren Ward at Sheepwalk Pit in Shepperton, Middlesex. Darren used a 14mm pop-up boilie whilst fishing for carp in a pre-baited swim beating the previous record of 14lb and 7oz caught by Gordon Beavan in 1993.

UK Barbel Record

Graham King, UK Barbel Record 21lb 01oz.

Record Barbel