Redmire Pool

Redmire pool is the historical home of carp fishing

Redmire Pool

Hidden within the hills and countryside of Herefordshire, lies a small 2 acre pool. The casual wonderer would just past this lake by, not paying it much attention, they could be forgiven for this, for they may not appreciate the past of this historic carp lake.

Redmire can accommodate 4 anglers.

Bob Richards - 1951 UK carp record holder




Ian Chillcot with a classic Leney

Created in 1934 (when the then owners of the estate) instructed a fish supplier by the name of Donald Leney to stock the pool with 50 small Carp of 5 to 8 inches in length in a bid to combat the extensive weed growth in the pool. These fish have since become known as ‘Leneys’ and hold a special appreciation amongst both traditional and modern carp anglers. The correctly titled ‘Galician’ strain have been stocked in many waters up and down the UK. As well as Redmire, Savay lake in Buckinghamshire’s Colne Valley also contains the famous strain. Savay went on to contain some of the most sought after and sizable fish to swim in British Waters.

After this first introduction of baby carp, Redmire wasn't fished until 17 years later. In 1951, a local angler, Bob Richards then managed to obtain permission to fish the pool. On the 3rd October Bob arrived for his long awaited fishing trip. Little did he know he was about to capture a carp which at that time would be a new British record. The carp was a Mirror Carp of 31.4lbs. This was the first time that Redmire began to attract attention, this, however was just a taste of what was to come.

Redmire birds eye view

Richard Walker - 1952 UK carp record holder

A year later Richard Walker fished an overnight session on the 13 September 1952 and caught a new British record carp, weighing in at a hefty 44lb. This new record was a common carp. It was transferred to London Zoo. Richard named the fish Ravioli, later the staff at London Zoo re-named the fish Clarissa. Clarissa lived a long and happy life at London Zoo. She was fed a diet of mashed bread and high protein paste. She lived in a large tank and entertained many visitors.

Chris Yates - 1980 UK carp record holder

Chris Yates with his 51.5 mirror

Dick's record stayed intact until the on 16 June 1980 when a young carp angler named Chris Yates once again stunned the angling world by capturing a massive 51.5lb Mirror. This time the fish was a stunning linear mirror carp which came to be known as The Bishop. Chris caught the magnificent carp using a split cane rod that Richard Walker had made in 1955 with sweetcorn as bait. Chris caught the carp using his favourite form of fishing, stalking.

Over past years Redmire has been shrouded in mystery, its location hidden for the good of the carp. Fished only by a privileged, select few. Things have since changed and now any carp angler can have the chance to fish the pool. While its true that the elusive monsters of the past may have gone, the atmosphere of this magical place remains. Although the carp record now stands at over 67lb, the carp at Redmire will always hold a special place in carp anglers hearts for fueling our dreams and imaginations like no carp has done since, however large they may be.


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Where is Redmire Pool?

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Richard Walker with Clarissa

Richard Walker with Clarissa





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