Fishing for Rudd

Rudd are targeted by a small number of dedicated specimen hunters. Appearance wise rudd are similar to the roach. Characterised by their golden buttery coloured flanks, bright red fins and up turned lower jaw (indicating their preference as surface feeders) the rudd lives as long as the roach and is similar in body shape. A 2lb rudd is a very good specimen with 3lb fish being extremely rare. The vast majority of rudd are in the 3oz to 6oz weight range.


Where to fish for Rudd


Rudd are present in many UK lakes, ponds and rivers. Your local tackle shop will be a good place to start and will have local knowledge of waters which hold rudd. The rudd is primarily a surface feeding fish and can be caught on or near the waters surface. Rudd will take insects from the surface as well as bloodworm, small snails and crustaceans from deeper areas. Dawn is the best time to fish for rudd. The rudd angler will need to adopt a mobile approach as rudd travel in shoals moving from area to another and always on the move. At dusk on warm evenings the rudd can usually be observed taking insects from the surface.

Tackle to catch Rudd

Float rig for rudd

Floatfishing in the upper water layers can be a devastating tactic for rudd, especially in summertime. Maggots are the best bait but sweetcorn and a large piece of breadflake will also have their day. Use a small quality fixed spool real or, if you fancy something a little more traditional, then a centre pin, match the with a line of 1.5 to 2lb and a light, sensitive rod. A crystal waggler with just a single small shot creates a sensitive presentation. Bites will often occur on the drop as individual shoal members franticly search for the maggots. Float fishing is the best way to catch rudd, it is both subtle and sensitive. Rudd are delicate feeders and so the tackle used should reflect this.

Constant light feeding will attract the shoal and many fish can be taken this way as the fish rise in the water layers towards the surface. You will need to make adjustment to the depth of the float to reflect these changes.

Rudd baits

UK record Rudd

Adrian Cannon captured the UK record Rudd of 5lb 2oz from Whittlesey Drain in Cambridgeshire. The 23-year-old E-on employee has been targeting this sparsely stocked Lincolnshire gravel pit and has amassed a total of 15 specimen rudd.