Simple Carp Rig

Lead safety clips

Using a lead safety clip will insure that should the lead become snagged it will pull off easily. The lead clip also allows you to change the lead size, quickly and easily should the need arise. It is important to remember that a carp rig needs to be safe for the carp. Insuring the lead can fall off (assuming it becomes caught on a snag) is of paramount importance, a carp towing a lead will become tired, stressed or worse.

If you have trouble threading the mainline through tubing, try attaching a lead, the leadclip and sleeve to the end of the tubing first, this will straighten the tubing aiding line passage. This is one of the safest rigs for carp, the tubing protects the carp’s flanks and the lead should easily be discarded.

Simple carp rig


The hooklink can be simple mono or a braid or even a coated braid, there are many choices. If you just want a reliable all rounder then choose a coated braid. Kryston tackle make some good ones as does Atomic. Do a little research and make your choice. Make sure it sinks and is around 15lb breaking strain. Colour is also important, try to match the coating colour to the nature of the lake bed you intend to fish over. This is difficult if you don't know what you will be fishing over until you actually go fishing. There are various options.


My personal preference is Atomic Jellywire in weed green colour, 15lb bs. I don't remove any of the coating and use it straight from the spool. This has caught me many fish and I have complete confidence in it.

To make the hooklink using a coated braid

At the other end of the rig tie on either a swivel or rig ring using a six or seven turn Grinner knot.