The Snowman Carp Rig

Want something a little different from the standard, single boilie presentation? Then this rig is an option. The Snowman rig is different and that alone may make the difference between catching or not catching. This rig is almost the same as the pop up rig with one major difference, a longer hair which will accommodate 2 baits instead of 1. The first bait on the hair will be a standard bottom bait. The second bait will be a pop up. This is the key, as the pop up will make the rig stand up off the bottom and this alone can be a big attraction for a patrolling fish.


Carp will take this rig as will tench, although if you intend to catch tench then you will need to scale down bait and hook size. Sometimes tipping of a standard boilie presentation with a small pop up or even a trimmed flouro pop up will make a big difference especially on lakes where the water is coloured. The visual stimulus will interest the fish and can bring bonus fish.

The Snowman Rig