The Stiff Carp Rig

The Stiff Rig which has largely been made famous by the likes of Terry Hearn, is a big fish rig par excellence. The stiff rig or hinged stiff rig has excellent anti-tangle properties because of the stiff (25lb) hooklink material used. The popped up hook bait will help to avoid bottom debris. The hook will turn and the point will take hold in the bottom lip of the Carp due to the movement created by the ring swivel.


A heavy lead should be used to aid hooking. Terry's success while using this rig has been nothing short of phenomenal. This rig is best used over a clean bottom such as on gravel bars and gravel patches. Use floss material to attach the buoyant boilie to the rig ring. Tying the bait on will help to maintain the buoyancy because the bait isn’t penetrated.

The Stiff rig