Surface fishing for Carp

Surface fishing

Pre-occupation is the main goal we should try to achieve when surface fishing. A carp which is pre-occupied on food is a carp that can be caught. Carp are naturally cautious at the waters surface, wary of anything unusual. They live in a wild environment which means they have to be cautious to survive. Anglers must make slow careful movements, the ability to blend with the environment is paramount. Sudden noises, foot-fall's or movements will scare the carp. You may not always spot fish but that doesn't always mean that they are not about, steady application of a floating biscuit will often reveal a pair of lips. As you continue to feed the fish you will find that more and more are attracted to the feast. When you feel that the time is right to offer your hookbait, do so gently and quietly.

Types of controller


Surface fishing floats

Free lining for carp

You can, in the right conditions free line your surface baits. This can only be achieved when fishing at short range but it can be a devastating tactic. The fish wont see any controller to scare them. Indication will be by watching where the line enters the water or observing the bait being taken.

Surface fishing Line

I only have one recommendation for floater line. It floats on the surface, has little memory, and feeds nicely off the spool. Stroft GTM is possibly the best fishing line.


Drennan super specialist

Size 6 to 12 hooks will cover all surface fishing situations. Hook pattern is important and the Drennan super specialist is both cheap (a pound for 10), super sharp, strong, reliable and has the correct gape. I have been using them for years in sizes 8 and 10 and they have never let me down.

Surface fishing baits

Floaters is a general term used to describe floating baits for floater fishing. Amongst these floater baits is an old favourite which is the commercially available dog food, Pedigree Chum.

Surface baits list

Floater cake

Floater cake

Floater cake is simply a boilie mix with baking soda added to make a sponge like cake.

How to make floater cake for surface fishing