The Swimmer carp rig

An all time classic carp rig made famous by Rob Maylin when he described it in his brilliant carp book, Tiger Bay. This rig makes use of a buoyant hookbait. This is generally a boilie although you can use particle baits such as sweetcorn, tiger nuts, maize and many others. When using particle hook baits buoyancy can be achieved utilising cork or rig foam.

Use a small drennan ring to attach the bait to the hook. In the case of a boilie, create a loop using the slip knot, the flat variety of dental floss or the new rig floss is best for this as it grips the bait much better than the rounded type. Tackle companies now make a braid specifically for this purpose. Apply rig glue to the slip knot for added security. The advantage of tying the bait on using dental floss is that because you have not punctured the bait then it will remain buoyant for longer.


The classic Swimmer Rig