The Tiger Nut Carp Rig

Tiger Nuts can be an effective alternative when carp are shying away from other baits. They have excellent nutritional qualities with a high fat content similar to that of olives and they have a rich mineral content. Tigernuts main attraction to the carp however comes from their texture. They are extremely hard and crunchy. The pharyngeal teeth of the carp are large and are easily capable of dealing with them. Their texture is one the carp will have encountered often as they feed on mussels, snails and other crustaceans that make up a large part of the carp's diet. It is possible the carp view tigers, with their hard shell like structure as another natural food source.

This hard texture also means they are impervious to the attentions of smaller fish making them an ideal carp bait. The image shows illustrates what is basically just a standard bottom bait rig with a longer hair which accommodates 2 nuts plus a piece of cork. The cork will counter the weight of the nuts and so creating a rig which is lighter and will sit nicely on the lake bed. Balancing a rig helps to hook a carp because when the carp sucks in the bait it will move faster to the back of the mouth aiding effective hooking. Use the knotless knot to create the hair. Hook link material is as always a personal choice but a coated braid stripped back an inch or two at the hook end is a good option.

Balanced tigernut rig