The Weed rig

Some carp can be very crafty, at times they will appear to go completely of the feed. Long periods of inactivity can tell us many things, maybe the most obvious is that the fish are just not making mistakes due to angling pressure or other factors. It may be that they can see your rig. When the going gets tough we need to look at our approach and maybe make some changes to try to turn things around.

This rig is a good option when you can see fish patrolling along the marginal shelf or a little further out. In this situation a bait popped up above the weed and even better, camouflaged to resemble weed may bring about a bonus capture. This is especially true on lakes where the water is clear. We don't always need to worry about camouflaging our carp rigs, for instance, have you ever fished over a large bed of hemp on a clay or silty bottom.

As the carp cruise around picking up the free bait they create an awful lot of disturbance,stirring the bottom to get at the morsels, sending up great clouds of mud and silt. Can they see your rig? I don't think so. So, we need to keep things in perspective and not go overboard. But as I have said when you can see them cruising over weed on a clear water lake then the weed rig is definitely worth a go.

Weed carp rig